27 minutes | May 11, 2020

S3E13 The Behaviour Change Edition with Anne-Maartje Oud

James chats with Anne-Maartje Oud, a behavioural consultant who has been working on increasing effective communication for over 19 years in the banking, healthcare, commercial and education sectors. Her aim and focus is giving people and organisations a wake up call in a professional and informal way, enabling them to learn new behaviours and to use these effectively and appropriately. With her business, The Behaviour Company, she's been developing customised courses in English and in Dutch for a variety of companies, organisations and institutions. The customers are managers, directors and professionals who wish to communicate and influence more effectively in order to achieve their goals. They discuss pronouncing names, telling it as it is, becoming more effective, giving feedback, your communication style, and non-verbal communication. Contact Anne-Maartje: Web: www.behaviourcompany.eu Email: anne-maartje@behaviourcompany.eu LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annemaartjeoud/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/annemaartjeoud
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