29 minutes | May 4, 2020

S3E12 The Personal Greatness and Long Term Business Edition with Simon Leslie

James chats with Simon Leslie, the joint founder and CEO of Ink Global, a business dedicated to inspiring travellers on all points of their journey. Ink works with about 30 Airlines including EasyJet, Virgin and Norwegian. The magazines that you might be reading while flying are produced by Ink. With offices in Miami, Singapore and London, the company publishes magazines, makes travel video and owns a US TV network at most of the airports in the United States. He has recently published an amazing book called No F In Sales all about thriving in difficult market conditions. They discuss personal greatness, the keys to long term business, being missed if you were gone, surviving in changing times, great hotels, children's toys and looking after your people. Contact Simon: Web: Nofinsales.com Email: Simon.leslie@ink-global.com LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/simon-leslie-b252b92 Twitter: @simonleslie21
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