61 minutes | Sep 5th 2017

OEP006 How to Get Leads From Facebook Groups with Bruno Domingues

Its my great pleasure to welcome Bruno to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast Bruno is an online marketer who has focused on Facebook Groups and unlocked the secret sauce of how to generate leads without getting banned by the Group Owner! Bruno takes you through six clear steps: The Mindset behind Groups How to Find the Best Group How to Attract your Ideal Clients How to Generate Leads How to Close Your First Sales How to Manage Your Leads Bruno's approach focuses how you can scale your business and avoid be overwhelmed. You are going to love this Episode for the detail and inspiration that Bruno shares. Find Out More About Bruno You can find out more about Bruno at https://www.multiuniversal.com/evolution/about  You can join his webinar at: http://evol.li/15-leads (This is an affiliate link - if you do join Bruno's programme, I will be rewarded for the introduction - thank you) Bruno also offers help with: Google Ads setup + management FB Ads setup + management Building a Website Sales Funnel
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