40 minutes | Jun 3rd 2016

OCI134 Amazon Video Direct Unwrapped with Rob Cubbon

  Today I am delighted to Welcome Rob Cubbon to the Online Courses Insider Podcast. Rob has been a digital entrepreneur for 10 years and as he freely admits has tried many strategies in his business over this time. Today we discuss the newly unveiled Amazon Video Direct platform and its potential for helping us to grow our businesses.   This Week’s Guest: Rob Cubbon         In this Episode you will discover: What has changed in Rob’s business over the past six months The impact that Udemy’s price change has had from Rob’s perspective The platform’s that Rob currently recommends for his online courses Why its important to have multiple streams of income for your business Why Rob is so keen on Amazon Kindle Books and publishing on the KDP platform How to set up your account on Amazon Video Direct Why Amazon Video Direct is a similar model to the Amazon KDP Platform The difference between standalone, episodic and subscription videos How to get the most out of your video titles The importance of getting keywords into your Video Synopsis The biggest sticking point for most publishers and how to overcome it How to price your video on Amazon Video Direct What sort of videos will work on Amazon Video Direct – and why its counter intuitive Why promoting your video is important Rob’s current three (well actually six) prioritites for his business What Rob thinks about Facebook Live and Periscope How to get the balance right between Content Creation, Marketing and Sales in a Digital Business What Rob has done with Active Campaign to improve his email autoresponders     Find Out More About Rob at: http://robcubbon.com http://learn.robcubbon.com/free-courses/   Mentioned in this Episode: 360 Training: http://www.360training.com Skillshare: https://www.skillshare.com/home Amazon Video Direct: https://videodirect.amazon.com Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): https://kdp.amazon.com Stackskills: https://stackskills.com Deal Fuel: http://dealfuel.com Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv   Josh Kaufman The Personal MBA…a World Class Business Education in a Single Volume – find it here on Amazon.com:     
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