41 minutes | Jul 1st 2016

OCI 137 Branding Building: Build and Boost Your Brand with Phil Pallen

Today its my great pleasure to welcome Phil Pallen to the Online Courses Insider Show! Phil was a mesmirising keynote speaker at New Media Europe 2016. Phil is a Brand Expert who helps a very wide range of clients all over the world build and promote their brands.   This Week’s Guest: Phil Pallen     In this Episode you will discover:   What Brand Building does for you Why bother with Branding Where does Phil start with a new client How Phil combines, Photography, Typography and all the other elements when creating a brand The impact of your audiences’ 3 second attention span What is meant by Sub Branding How Phil uses Iconography as part of the brand building process Some of his most interesting client experiences How Phil combined the letter D, an Elephant and a Coffe Cup for a client Some quick wins to improve your own brand How to get your Avatar right Phil’s book, “Shut Up and Tweet” How to make the most of Social Media platforms Why its important for people to be able to find you Why you should give your social media platforms purpose How Phil uses Snapchat for his business Why Phil believes that Video is going to be incredibly important in the future   Examples of Phils’ Branding Mentioned in the Podcast       Find Out More About Phil   Twitter: @philpallen SnapChat: PhilPallen Website: http://www.philpallen.co   You can find Phil’s book: Shut Up and Tweet on Amazon   New Media Europe 2016   You can get your Virtual Ticket to New Media Europe 2016 by clicking on this link. This is an affiliate link. If you do purchase a ticket, thank you. I will benefit but you will not pay more.
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