34 minutes | Jun 2nd 2016

OCI 135 Livestreaming Facebook and Course Creation with OBS Studio with Ian Anderson Gray

    Today I am delighted to welcome Ian Anderson Gray to the Online Courses Insider Show. Ian is a technical wizard and when I heard that he had found a way to Livestream on Facebook from his Desktop and that the software was free, I had to get him on to the show to discuss his breakthrough. It also quickly became apparent that the OBS Studio software was also potentially a way to create Online Courses without having to invest in Screenflow or Camtasia.   Check out our Free Introductory Tutorial to OBS Studio below   This week’s Guest: Ian Anderson Gray     In this Episode you will discover:   Why Facebook Live is so important – a real game changer Limits of Facebook Live on Mobile Phones Can you justify the $500 cost of Wirecast? Why OBS Studio is such a good answer How to hook up your screen, video and mic to record How to download OBS Studio How to create “scenes” with multiple input sources How to add text, multiple layers and switch between them How to add images How to share Skype conversations and video How to share Smart Phone video with Reflector 2 or AirPlay How to use OBS Studio for a Periscope broadcast How to create an video course with OBS Studio Discover some advanced settings How to use a 2 monitor set up How to stream to Facebook and record the video at the same time Ian’s OBS Studio Course Why you need a “stream key” to stream to your Profile or Group How to get the most out of OBS Studio Ian’s view of Facebook’s vision for the future How does OBS Studio compare to Wirecast   Find out more about Ian on his website: Seriously Social at http://iag.me/   Free Video Tutorial – Introduction to OBS Studio with Ian Anderson Gray and John Colley   http://jbdcolley.com/OBSFreeTraining  Just follow this link to access this free video training – approximately 12 minutes.   How to Broadcast from your Computer with Facebook Live Discover Ian’s Online Course by clicking on this Link http://jbdcolley.com/IAG   Use Coupon Code The code is OLP20 and gives $20 off making it $39   OBS Studio   You can download OBS Studio by clicking on this link https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/categories/obs-studio.6/
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