78 minutes | Oct 27th 2020

153: Putting Student Experience First & The Pain Of Getting an iPhone App Approved (featuring Chris Benetti)

For those of you who have been listening to the podcast for a while, you know that I’ve been on the hunt researching a ton of new platforms for the reboot of my online piano course. On today’s episode, I interviewed with Chris Benetti from Members Pro – one of these many platforms I’ve been looking into. Chris and I had a great chat about what it takes to create a new online course-focused platform, how to ensure student success, the pain of creating Apple apps, and much more.

“If you don’t have people coming through your course and having success, you don’t really have a proper business… Do everything you can help people to have success with your programs and to create raving fans with what you’ve built for them.”

-Chris Benetti

In This Episode, We Talked About:
    • (0:42) What I’m excited about for rebooting vs. relaunching
    • (2:16) How my live bootcamp is going
    • (3:55) Thoughts from David on his friend’s course journey
    • (8:04) Will we watch The Social Dilemma?
    • (9:07) Staying on the lookout for and inspiration best practices
    • (12:40) The Win of the Week and our thoughts
    • (20:12) How you can submit your own Win of the Week
    • (20:58) Setting the stage for today’s video
    • (24:07) Chris’s entry into the online course world
    • (28:59) Why Chris’s focus resonates with me
    • (31:51) Talking ClickFunnels cons and my journey
    • (33:53) Why Chris created Members Pro
    • (35:19) Comparing Members Pro to other platforms
    • (38:11) What Members Pro is working on now
    • (43:31) Future features vs. current selling points
    • (46:03) Customizable course themes
    • (47:32) Platform self-promotion and my dream app wishlist
    • (49:03) When Members Pro is rolling out new features
    • (52:11) Chris’s thoughts on apps with Apple integration vs. Google
    • (58:51) How Chris and his business partner started working together
    • (1:02:43) His advice for new and aspiring course creators
    • (1:04:12) Where to find Chris online
    • (1:05:29) Thoughts on online course fulfillment
    • (1:07:07) David’s thoughts on affiliate opportunities
    • (1:08:43) Community and platforms
    • (1:11:17) Our perspectives on gamification
    • (1:13:30) The obstacles to selling an app through Apple
    • (1:15:32) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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