87 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

152: Better Business Model: Online Courses or SaaS? (featuring Brennan Dunn)

If you know anything about how I run my online course business, you know I love automation, segmentation, and all the behind-the-scenes processes that lead to having a successful online course. Brennan Dunn is a master of these topics and has done extremely well in his niche, so I’ve been looking forward to interviewing him. But Brennan is not a one-trick pony: in his “spare time” he has a successful Saas business and flies planes for fun! It was great to get his perspective on what works for him, how he juggles different passions, and hear his advice for new and aspiring course creators.

“The best courses are reactions to what people are already telling you.”

– Brennan Dunn

In This Episode, We Talked About:
    • (0:40) Thoughts on an honor my business recently received + how I got my face on TV
    • (4:15) How things are going with my new hire
    • (6:32) Is David selling my piano course? And what my affiliate structure looks like
    • (10:00) The backstory for today’s interview
    • (12:57) Flying vs. working on Brennan’s online course business
    • (15:10) Where Brennan spends most of his time
    • (18:15) Getting off the hamster wheel while keeping things running smoothly
    • (21:46) Comparing funnel strategies
    • (25:34) How Brennan creates text-based courses
    • (26:46) His very first course sale
    • (29:39) Do older models still work?
    • (31:26) How I heard about Brennan and Right Message
    • (32:44) Who is a good fit for RightMessage?
    • (43:06) The importance of split-testing for targeted marketing
    • (48:49) Brennan’s thoughts on SaaS businesses versus online courses
    • (52:33) Lifestyle considerations
    • (54:46) How Brennan handles using brand names in his course names
    • (57:52) Platforms and tools he loves
    • (59:56) Community building for online courses
    • (1:02:22) Brennan’s advice for new and aspiring course creators
    • (1:06:24) Why live course components are underrated
    • (1:08:00) Where to find Brennan and his products
    • (1:08:53) David and I discuss Brennan’s story
    • (1:10:02) Improving systems and planning for “2nd resolution season”
    • (1:14:06) Creating scarcity
    • (1:15:34) Thoughts on pivoting and recognizing needs
    • (1:19:10) Audience segmentation and personalization
    • (1:23:34) Why I refuse to get into SaaS products
    • (1:26:26) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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