145 minutes | Sep 22nd 2020

148: 7 Figures Teaching Photography by Focusing on Transformation (Featuring Tim Shields)

Just like anything else in life, not everyone in the online course community is the same or does things the same way. And that’s a good thing, because it means I get to interview other course creators and find how they’ve achieved success – even if their approach differs in some ways than mine. Today’s guest Tim Shields is the perfect example of this, and we had a great discussion about what works for him and his business.

“You have to take the first step… Stop dreaming and start taking action.”

– Tim Shields

This episode is chock-full of interesting tidbits and inspiring stories, so I hope you enjoy tuning in!

In This Episode, We Talked About:
    • (0:37) Upgrading and re-recording my course content
    • (2:43) Will my course always be on ClickFunnels?
    • (3:58) Expanding my team
    • (9:14) Backstory for today’s interview
    • (10:22) The Two Comma Club and what it means to Tim
    • (13:24) Digital vs. physical products
    • (16:35) How Tim found his passion and why he didn’t start sooner
    • (20:02) His “origin story”
    • (24:04) Where Tim’s audience came from
    • (26:39) How his lead magnet works
    • (28:31) The secret of successful masterclasses
    • (32:20) Transformation vs. information
    • (35:20) Communicating the concept of why his course is different
    • (37:09) Success stories from Tim’s students
    • (41: 23) Why we initially connected
    • (42:26) The value of awarding students for their achievements
    • (51:26) Incentives and tie-ins
    • (53:07) How Tim handles his student community
    • (52:10) Webinar systems and strategies
    • (1:04:38) Tim’s thoughts on selling additional products beyond an online course
    • (1:05:35) An aside on synergy and Tim’s work schedule
    • (1:06:29) Selling something new with tangible scarcity
    • (1:08:41) The circle of focus
    • (1:11:39) Tim’s course offerings with multiple launch funnels
    • (1:17:23) The importance of testing ideas
    • (1:20:11) Tim’s right-hand man for video editing and how he uses that video content
    • (1:21:57) His wife’s role in his work
    • (1:23:39) The beauty of outsourcing after bootstrapping early on
    • (1:25:42) Thinking about platforms, strategies, and ads
    • (1:33:19) Strengths and weaknesses of popular platforms
    • (1:38:47) Tim’s love/hate relationship with his email management software
    • (1:41:35) His thoughts on taking action on dreams
    • (1:45:33) David and I discuss Tim’s rapid success and The Two Comma Club
    • (1:49:35) The importance of reaching out and building credibility
    • (1:52:03) Thinking about how YouTube benefits different people differently
    • (1:55:45) How my advice to course creators is evolving
    • (1:57:56) The difference between information and transformation
    • (2:01:51) Do music skills give people an edge in attracting the opposite sex
    • (2:04:40) Thinking about how to help my students showcase their progress
    • (2:06:26) Discussing Tim’s “webinar sandwich” and work schedule
    • (2:08:46) Why I haven’t focused on hiring people who live near me
    • (2:11:11) Simplicity and freebies
    • (2:17:05) Re-recording and re-evaluating as I prepare for a re-launch
    • (2:17:13) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.

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