129 minutes | Sep 8th 2020

146: How Just $10 in Startup Costs Led to a Ultra Successful Online Course Business (featuring Jono Petrohilos)

We’re back with another exciting interview from a successful online course creator! Guest Jono Petrohilos has an amazing story of bootstrapping his way from a tiny course investment to a thriving business in his fitness education niche. I loved hearing how Jono’s openness and drive made all the difference in his online course’s success, and we had a great chat on best practices for people at different stages in their own journey.

“‘Build it and they will come’… is just about the worst marketing strategy there is.”

– Jono Petrohilos

Without further ado, it’s time for a deep dive into what has worked for Jono and his online course business. Get your notebook and pen ready – there’s lots of great food for thought here!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

    • (1:04) Why David is so excited about Next Level Courses
    • (3:27) An epiphany I had on what platform to use for group coaching
    • (6:04) Observations and feedback on how the podcast is evolving
    • (10:15) My fanboy expectations being met and exceeded
    • (13:51) Favorite takeaways from a recent learning opportunity
    • (23:14) Setup for today’s interview
    • (24:40) Getting to know Jono
    • (27:10) How a learning mindset led Jono to success and prepared him for his online course journey
    • (35:19) How he realized he could avoid a lot of upfront costs
    • (39:56) Jono’s very first launch
    • (47:22) Building up a contact list
    • (50:14) Going where your audience is
    • (56:49) Course validation and pre-selling
    • (1:01:36) What about course creators who don’t have an audience?
    • (1:15:14) The power of giving value away for free
    • (1:17:08) Having fun… and avoiding being called a stalker?
    • (1:19:56) How Jono’s business is currently structured
    • (1:24:02) Turning points that led to success
    • (1:30:51) The theme throughout Jono’s journey
    • (1:36:37) A favorite student success story
    • (1:41:28) Jono’s platforms of choice
    • (1:47:53) Dave’s thoughts on Jono’s story
    • (1:52:26) What we assume our audience is vs. who they really are
    • (1:53:42) Starting where you are
    • (1:58:26) Am I too cool for David’s latest suggestion?
    • (2:01:41) The Online Course Guy catchphrase… maybe
    • (2:05:17) Wrapping up

That’s all for now, folks! See you on the next episode of The Online Course Show.


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