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How to 10x Your Online Course Business

This podcast is for beginners and experts alike. So whether you don’t have a course or have many you’ll learn something about how to 10x your online course business. If you are listening to this podcast, I know that you are excited about planning building and marketing your online course. Whether it’s your first course or you’ve created many you want to leverage the power of online courses, build your impact and increase your income. So while you can keep listening to these podcasts and consuming content I want you to get the maximum result. Do yourself a favor, watch the video below and go to onlinecoursecoach.com/groupcoaching to learn more because the upcoming group coaching program that starts on September 18th. (if you see the doors close then you can sign up to get on the waiting list for the next session). The Course Accelerator Coaching Group Are you struggling to grow your audience create your online course and sell it to your audience? Perhaps you’ve been too busy to, overwhelmed with all the technical aspects, or just not sure how to create an effective course. Or maybe you already have an online course but sales have been lower than expected. I can help. Starting September 18th, I’m leading a 6-week coaching group for only 10 people. We’ll be going through my proven system to plan & create your online course. We’ll also develop a custom marketing strategy to fit your needs. Not only will you have access to me for 6 weeks, you’ll also be with other motivated course creators. This powerful dynamic will help create and market your course in 6 weeks…if you’re willing to put in the work. Watch the video below or click to learn more about the coaching program, look at the pricing packages and fill out the application to join. Learn more at: onlinecoursecoach.com/groupcoaching  How to 10x Your Online Course Business   The market for online courses is growing bigger with each passing day, and showing no signs of relenting any time soon. In fact, it is even getting bigger. Are you an online course creator? Do you want to learn how to 10x your online course business? A lot of course creators are lately on the path of doing so with the hope of leveraging their power of online courses, building their impact, and boosting their income levels. So, how do you go about growing your online course business 10 times? 1. Sell the benefits and results not a course You’re not a course maker, you’re a solution provider. First of all, ensure that you make your potential clients realize the benefits of the course that you are selling. Here, you may be compelled to carry out surveys in a bid to understand the problems that your audience is facing. You need to make sure that the content being marketed is geared towards solving a particular problem that your audience has. This can be achieved by making sure that your content is connected to your mission. You can achieve this by having a good comprehension of the needs of your audience. 2. You have to have a plan for growth and success Planning for growth and success includes building an audience that likes, knows, and trusts you. This is very vital before, during, and after you have gone ahead to create your first online course that you intend to market to those willing to try it. Here, you may also want to ensure that you only give what is only necessary for a course as opposed to overwhelming students with a ton of material that may end up being hard to consume. By so doing, you will be planning for growth and success of your online course. This includes building an audience that knows, likes and trusts you – vital before, during and after you create your first course. 3. Borrow the confidence of a spouse, business partner, your audience, etc. If they think you can do it you probably can. If you think you can/can’t you’re right. Nobody will attempt to interact and buy from you if they have no idea about you, trust or like you. To sell, it would be of great benefit if you attempt as much as possible to connect well with your audience regardless of the size in a bid to find out what they require in a course. This should always come only after getting some feedback from your targeted audience and not before. At this point, you really need to make sure that you are involved with an audience that is aligned with your course. 4. Build your network – the more people that know you the more success you will have with more projects and larger projects Do things like podcast interviews, conferences, networking, videos, Facebook live videos. Check out the following guides to improve grow your network. https://onlinecoursecoach.com/marketingtips and https://onlinecoursecoach.com/buildyouraudience  If you happen to make yourself known to a lot of people, you are more likely to realize success based on more and larger projects. But how can you achieve this? There are several platforms for doing so including using platforms such as LinkedIn groups, Facebook, Facebook Live videos, YouTube Live videos, meetups, podcasts, and other social platforms. Provided you offer valuable content, people will ultimately pay some significant attention to it. 5. Build a competent team that multiplies your efforts Are you doing everything yourself? Then you can’t grow and 10x your business. If you are doing everything by yourself, then you can’t successfully grow while ensuring that you 10x your online course. Among other things, thinking about joint ventures needs to be high on post-marketing tactics or strategies. Grow and build your audience. Get to know them even better. Be involved in Facebook ads and meetups among other channels. Also circle back to your audience and let them know the benefits of the course that you are marketing. 6. Create systems using software to scale up At this point, you need to come up with systems aimed at ensuring that scaling up doesn’t affect you in any way. 7. Scale up! Once you figure out how to do something scaling can be easy. If I know that I can do a 1-day video shoot then I know I can scale up and do a 12-day video shoot. It’s like if you can read one book then it’s easy to read five. So once you learn how to do something well you can learn how to scale. The moment you learn how to do something, you will realize that scaling up won’t be a problem as such. If you happen to identify sort of a rhythm, everything else that follows will not be a challenging task that will somehow be challenging for you. Once you learn how to do something easily, scaling up will be easier than you thought. 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