148 minutes | Feb 12th 2021

The Assault (Guest: Raffy Raymundo)

This week on THE ONE-INCH BARRIER, we talk about the Netherlands' war drama about blame and guilt that won at the 59th Academy Awards: Fons Rademakers's THE ASSAULT. This week's guest is Raffy Raymundo, host of Script x Tease and founder of Write Night community at Discord. He was also the guest during the episode discussing SON OF SAUL and the films of 2015. Find us on the internet! Raffy Raymundo: @scriptxtease Write Night: Click here Juan Carlos Ojano: @carlosojano The One-Inch Barrier: @OneInchBarrier You can now support this podcast via Patreon! Click here: https://www.patreon.com/TheOneInchBarrier Music Credits Opening and Ending: Original music by Jurriaan Andriessen
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