77 minutes | Aug 13, 2018

S1E34 | From Small Third World Village to Breaking Cultural Boundaries with Priya Dharshini | One Year Before

Priya Dharshini grew up in a small town in South India, but her ambitions quickly outgrew that little town. She originally left for her education and work, but a big focus of her journey has been manifesting love – and, over the past few months, she has found her soulmate!   Priya’s family and culture are still incredibly important to her, though, and that’s why she’s back home now, fighting for love – but at the same time, she’s preparing to 10x her business for the second year in a row, while inspiring the other young girls growing up in her small town to dream. Priya is truly an inspiration for all the women out there who want to defy the norms, while still being respectful to the people they care about.   You will learn about: [4:00] Why moving to the U.S. was part of Priya’s dream [5:10] The cultural expectations in Priya’s South Indian hometown [8:35] The pressure Priya’s family felt when she said no to getting married young [9:50] How Priya’s life changed after moving to the U.S. [20:00] Meeting the man of her dreams [22:30] The Law of Attraction [44:30] Why Priya is currently back in her hometown [49:20] Priya’s goals for the next year [51:20] Inspiring young girls to dream big & do more [1:00:45] Paying it forward   Resources: Connect with Priya on Instagram: @priyarajha
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