25 minutes | Aug 3, 2018

S1E30 | From Controlling Life to Surrendering To Something Bigger | One Year Reality - Becoming Brianna

Today I’m going to share some realizations I’ve had, some paths that I’ve been led down, in an effort to showcase the level of transformation and the level of thoughts that have transformed as I continue another One Year Project.   You will learn about: [2:00] Something I learned in my mastermind [3:00] Listening to your inner voice [5:30] The challenges you go through when you come from an impoverished background [7:30] Opening the door for opportunity to come [18:00] The difference between surrendering & doing nothing   Resources: The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer Want your own 90-Day Plan? Click here to sign up for the FREE 90-Day Blueprint Workshop! Join the FB Group: The One Year Project-Design Your Dream Life & Business In One Year Connect with Brianna: Instagram | Twitter The One Year Project is produced by Podcast Masters
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