64 minutes | Jul 25, 2018

S1E26 | From Launching to Going Viral with Aaron James | One Year Before

Aaron James is the CEO of Insutanto, a SaaS company that helps aspiring digital marketers stand out online, generate leads, and acquire new customers. He has a great product and a great mission, but now he’s looking to go viral over the next year.   You will learn about: [1:30] How Aaron lost everything (and then started building himself back up) [6:10] Aaron’s spiritual journey [7:35] The double-edged sword of success [14:40] Surrendering to what life offers VS planning your way to success [19:25] What insutanto is & how it can help you create a powerful online presence [26:05] How Aaron acquired the customers he currently has [27:05] The results that Aaron’s clients are experiencing [31:10] Where Aaron wants to be one year from now [37:30] How Aaron plans to align with influencers who understand his mission [42:00] Aaron’s 90-day plan   Resources: Check out insutanto.co Instagram: @aaronjames777 Facebook: facebook.com/insutanto
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