10 minutes | Jul 20, 2018

S1E24 | From Letting Yourself Down to Massive Self-Respect | One Year Reality - Becoming Brianna

In last Friday’s episode, I talked about raising the standards in my own life – and today I want to share how I let myself down. I broke my rules once, and then negative thoughts, self-doubt, and confusion started to creep in.   So today I want to talk to you all about self-respect.   You will learn about: [2:50] Blocking off time on your calendar for your own needs [5:25] What are the things you can do, every single day, to respect yourself better? [7:25] What Brianna is doing differently   Resources: Want your own 90-Day Plan? Click here to sign up for the FREE 90-Day Blueprint Workshop! Join the FB Group: The One Year Project-Design Your Dream Life & Business In One Year Connect with Brianna: Instagram | Twitter The One Year Project is produced by Podcast Masters
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