80 minutes | Jul 18, 2018

S1E23 | From UnScalable to Income Autopilot | One Year Before

Ricardo Martinez is the Founder of Perconvly, an agency that focuses helping businesses grow their impact through paid digital advertising. He helps businesses plug those holes in their conversion buckets and increase ROI from digital ad spends.   He’s been running the business for about two years, but now he wants to take it to the next level. We’re going to dig into where he is now and where he wants to be so that I can help him design a 90-day plan for transforming his business.   You will learn about: [2:10] What Perconvly does & why Ricardo started the business [4:10] Ricardo’s ideal client [5:55] Where Ricardo is now & where he wants to be one year from now [6:50] What Ricardo needs to do to prepare for his future family [13:10] What the next level of success looks like for Ricardo [17:00] Ricardo’s core motivation for scaling his business and growing his team [20:20] Narrowing your focus [24:40] Creating systems and process help you scale a business [34:00] Envisioning what a 7- or 8-figure version of your business might look like [43:55] Building a funnel to attract your ideal client [53:40] Creating a 90-day plan for scaling Ricardo’s business [1:13:30] Where Ricard sees himself 90 days from now   Resources: Learn more at perconvly.com Connect with Ricardo: Twitter | LinkedIn Want your own 90-Day Plan? Click here to sign up for the FREE 90-Day Blueprint Workshop! The One Year Project is produced by Podcast Masters
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