47 minutes | Jul 11, 2018

S1E20 | From Dental Hygienist & Future Coach to Dreaming Big & Giving Back | One Year Before

Brittany Bell was a dental hygienist for many years, but it wasn’t the career she wanted long term. So she followed her passion for working with children and got a master’s degree in Elementary Education. However, through that process Brittany realized she was still unfulfilled and living a life to please other people.   While working with a coach of her own, Brittany discovered a greater passion for helping women and children through coaching – so today I’m going to help her create a plan to achieve that over the next one year.   You will learn about: [2:15] What Brittany wants to accomplish over the next one year & why she wants to pursue coaching over traditional education [3:30] Why coaching is the right path for Brittany & who she wants to impact [8:05] What Brittany needs to become her own boss [10:45] Brittany’s inspiration [11:40] Where Brittany is in her life today [15:00] [21:05] Focusing on ONE thing that lights your heart up & leveraging the skills you already have to get there [24:45] [26:15] Identifying Brittany’s 90-day goal [33:20] Creating Brittany’s 90-day plan   Resources: Connect with Brittany on Instagram: @brittbell4 Get started on Your One Year Project: briannazajicek.com/the-one-year-project Join the FB Group: The One Year Project-Design Your Dream Life & Business In One Year Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Click here to leave a rating & review for the show The One Year Project is produced by Podcast Masters
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