65 minutes | Jul 9, 2018

S1E19 | From Ashamed & Obese Food Addict To 100 Lbs Down with Zach McCrite | One Year After

Today we’re talking to Zach McCrite, who has an incredible story about how he transformed his health and his life over the past year, grabbing life by the reins and taking charge of how he shows up in this world.   You will learn about: [2:40] Where Zach was one year ago [7:00] The moment and decision that set Zach on the path to transforming his health [12:05] Learning not to care what others think about you [14:45] Zach’s Two NO Rule for cutting negative people out of your life & keeping supportive people in it [22:00] Zach’s identity, then and now [25:40] Overcoming addiction [39:00] The biggest mindset shift that Zach has had over the past year [45:30] How Zach’s food habits have changed [50:00] The hardest point for Zach over the past one year [57:30] Where Zach wants to be one year from now [59:00] Zach’s advice for anyone who wants to transform their life in one year [1:01:00] Paying it forward   Resources: ZachMcCrite.com Connect with Zach: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook Podcast Coaching: doyourdamnpodcast.com | careerinaudio.club Read: “A Weight Loss Journey I'm Afraid to Share”   The One Year Project is produced by Podcast Masters  
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