28 minutes | May 31, 2020

The One Thing Applied Podcast - Episode 1 - Mark Tregilgas

Episode 1 of the podcast sees Matt speak with Mark Tregilgas of 30 Plus Mens Fitness.In the short form episode we delve into the beginnings of Mark’s journey, through loss, gain, personal pain, rejection and success.The long form covers everything Matt and Mark spoke at length about Kettlebell training, bugbears, personal loss, bereavement, overcoming adversity and ultimately being at one with the universe.You will obtain so much knowledge from this episode, it frightening. Mark is truly a great guest and gave so much in terms of content.Matt Bowring is a personal trainer, a coach, a business owner and co-founder of Hangar Human Performance Centre in Cardiff, Wales.He loves to find new ways to work, to live, to train, to streamline life to get the best from himself and others. In each 30 minute weekly episode and his accompanying blog, Matt will ask a guest - each an expert in self-improvement, productivity, fitness, strength and conditioning, spirituality or media - among other things, the same three questions:Question 1:  If you knew what you know now about your industry, what would you do differently when coming into it?Question 2: What habit (life/business/spiritual/social) has most had an impact on your life/success?Question 3: What one small thing brings you instant joy, and which you think people might be overlooking in their lives? This could be absolutely anything.And from their answers, Matt will apply one of their lessons or pieces of wisdom to his own life, in order to try and create meaningful and measurable change.  52 weeks, 52 habits. A deceptively-easy sounding social experiment that, as a husband and father to twin girls and an 11 year-old son, he'll embrace with all the highs and lows these challenges might bring. And from which you can join Matt on his journey or even embark on your own, to see which habits make a difference, and which might just change your life. 
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