79 minutes | Feb 18th 2020

Episode 106: High Carbs...Do You Really Need Them

High carbs...no problem... Or is it? This episode we dig into what Brody calls the “Rich Froning Effect”. There are a lot of nutrition coaches out there helping a lot of people. But like any profession or coach, there are bad ones. Coaches think everybody needs “reverse dieting” to succeed and get their clients on wayyyy too many carbs because they are a “competitive” athlete. This leads to endless energy with some fluff along with it. Next thing you know, those gymnastics go bye bye because of the added weight. We break down how EACH person is different along with their needs and how THIER body uses/breaks down energy sources. In the end, you’ll have a lot of energy if you overeat energy sources, but your fluffy friend will be along for the ride as well!  
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