33 minutes | Jan 5th 2020

The First Thing You Need to Do When You Get Engaged

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It can be hard to know exactly what to do when you get engaged, and in our opinion, there's one, hugely important task that always gets overlooked - sitting down with your other half to discuss your hopes and dreams for the big day! In this week's episode of The One Fab Day Wedding Podcast, we're offering up a step-by-step guide to that initial wedding-planning chat, which we feel is absolutely essential! We've even gone so far as to provide you with a handy agenda to guide you through your first proper wedding-related conversation. Once you've listened to this episode, all you'll need is your partner, and a bottle of your chosen tipple, and you're ready to start planning!

Episode Breakdown: The First Thing You Need to Do When You Get Engaged

Wedding tip: Claire's tip this week is to keep your wedding tablescape simple! An overstuffed table can really detract from the fun atmosphere of the meal.

Main topic: This week, we're talking about what to do when you get engaged, specifically, how to navigate that crucial first wedding-planning chat with your other half. We've even provided a six-point agenda, which you'll find below!

  • What kind of wedding do you want?
  • What is your budget for the wedding?
  • Who do you want to invite?
  • What's your ideal wedding venue?
  • When would you like to get married?
  • Is there a key theme, colour, or style in your head?

Wedding dilemma: A listener writes, “My fiancé and I are struggling to pick out our first dance song. We both have a song in mind that we'd like to use, however, I feel like we cannot use it. The reason is that a couple years ago, a close friend of ours used the song for their first dance. My fiancé believes that, as we discussed dancing to that song way before our friends got married, we should be fine using the same song. He also believes that it's our wedding so we should do what makes us happy. While I agree, I also don't want to step on any toes and do something that might not be considered proper wedding etiquette. Maybe I'm thinking too far into this but it has been a real concern of mine.” Our advice for this listener is to go ahead and use the song. If your friends are at all reasonable, they won't object, but it might be worth giving them a head's up about it in advance, just in case. 

Something to do when you're not planning your wedding: In this episode, Claire's recommending a swap shop or charity shop crawl.

Thanks for listening! Got something to add to the conversation? Shoot us a mail at hello@onefabday.com. We want the One Fab Day Wedding Podcast to make wedding planning easier and more enjoyable for you, our beloved listener, so if there's something you'd love to hear discussed on the show, or a question you'd like answered, please do drop us a line.

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