66 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

Episode #15-Just Good Records: Chitlins, Flying Saucers, Bull Fiddles and Baboons

Today's episode features some of my favorite 78s from my collection covering a variety of styles. Early country music, piano blues, jazz, hokum and western swing are some of the styles presented in today's show. I think you'll find the show an entertaining sample of early recorded vernacular styles of down home American music. Please subscribe to the show if you haven't done so already and share with family and friends. Also, go take a visit to the shows new website (olddingyjukebox.com) and have a look around. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the show. “Chitlins, Flying Saucers, Bull Fiddles and Baboons”Donate to the podcast: https://paypal.me/christiangallo1?locale.x=en_USWeb: https://www.olddingyjukebox.com/homeFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/olddingyjukeboxpodcastInstagram: @olddingyjukeboxpodcastE-mail: olddingyjukebox@gmail.com1. Jimmie Heap and the Melody Masters "Ethyl In My Gas Tank" 19502. Charles Kama and his Moana Hawaiians "Hawaiian Hotel March" 19403. Jelly Roll Morton "Buddy Bolden's Blues" 19394. Jack Mose and his Oklahoma Cavaliers "I Mean Corrina" 19365. Lee "Pork Chops" Green "Country Gal Blues" 19376. Bang Boys "When Lulu's Gone" 19367. Lonnie Johnson and Clarence Williams "Monkey and the Baboon" 19308. Fiddlin' Arthur Smith "Chitlin Cooking Time In Cheatham County" 19369. "Banjo" Ikey Robinson and his Bull Fiddle Band "Four Reasons" 192910. The Buchanan Brothers "Those Flying Saucers" 194711. Skeets McDonald "Scoot, Git and Begone" 195212. Little Chocolate Dandies "Six or Seven Times" 192913. Pigmeat Pete and Catjuice Charlie "Old Age Is Creeping Upon Us" 192914. Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys "Black and Blue Rag" 1935Support the show (https://paypal.me/christiangallo1?locale.x=en_US)
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