27 minutes | Jun 16, 2020

The Official Do Good Better Podcast Ep39 Search Engine Optimization Expert John Vuong

Your organization is awesome.

But sometimes you want to be even awesomer!

The Official Do Good Better Podcast is here to help!

Each episode features Patrick Kirby interviewing leaders and champions of small and medium nonprofits share their successes, their impact, and what makes them a unicorn in a field of horses. Patrick will also answer a fundraising question, and most importantly, showcase how you can support these small nonprofits doing great big things!

Today’s guest is SEO expert, John Vuong. 

John hosts a weekly podcast, Local SEO Today, brought to you by Local SEO Search Inc., one of the leading search engine optimization agencies in Canada. Listeners discover the benefits and techniques of Internet marketing that help small- and medium-sized businesses in any service or industry.

On the podcast, John Vuong and Roger Murphy share their insights on modern marketing gleaned from years of experience. 

Follow John on Twitter: @LocalSEO_Search 

John’s Website & Podcast: www.LocalSEOToday.ca 

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Fundraise Awesomer! A Practical Guide to Staying Sane While Doing Good  

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