43 minutes | Jan 19, 2020

Ocean tails of Marine Interactions - Jeremy Taylor. Manta rays of Lady Elliot island | King penguins & Antarctic fur seals on South Georgia | Whale sharks on the Ningaloo reef | Enjoying the natural world. Ep. 7

What happens when you run out of fingers to count the Mantarays dancing around you? Or how do you describe the carpet of king penguins and half a million Antarctic fur seal pups surrounding you on a South Georgian beach? We find out this week when we chat to ocean wanderer, salty tour guide and downright legend Jeremy Taylor.We discuss interactions with marine life and the emotions provoked by such experiences before touching on family ties, natural connections and plastics in our oceans.Be sure to follow us:FacebookInstagram Or contacts us:theoceanspodcast@gmail.comLastly, be sure to check out TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA to find out how you can help and have a positive impact on our oceans.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/theoceanspodcast)
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