61 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

69 - Honest Non Monogamy 101 | Mel Cassidy

Mel Cassidy is a relationship coach and sex-positive nerd who guides social misfits and cultural rebels to experiences of joyful, embodied, authentic open relationships. Mel is certified in Counselling for Intimacy and Relationships, Holistic Peer Counselling, and is a ZEGG Forum facilitator. They are a student of the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology and pursue studies focused on trauma-informed approaches to the mind-body relationship. Creator of The Monogamy Detox online program, they are dedicated to creating trauma-sensitive spaces where all beings can flourish.

With over two decades of experience teaching and facilitating in groups small and large, Mel has a reputation for innovation, novelty, and both thinking and living outside the box.

Mel is queer, experiences relationships as a polyamorous individual, and  lives, loves, and dances on the traditional and unceded territories of the K'ómoks Nation in British Columbia, Canada.

Topics Covered:

  • What is non-monogamy?
  • The shadow side to patriarchal monogamy
  • What is the monogamy hangover?
  • Mythologies and fantasies about relationships
  • Why are those who choose to live a non monogamous lifestyle pathologized?
  • How to navigate NRE, patterns of chasing/addiction of NRE
  • Polyfuckary vs. Polyamory
  • Polysaturation
  • The 4 dimensions of intimacy in relationships
  • The relationship escalator
  • How to manage trauma patterns, distress, activation and attachment wounds with polyamory
  • How to build trust, safety & compersion in a non monogamous relationship
  • How to balance multiple relational needs
  • Somatics in our healing journey
  • Do psychedelics make you polyamorus
  • Shame & stigma around non monogamy

Connect with Mel:
Website: http://radicalrelationshipcoaching.ca/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/radicalrelating
Adventures through the mind podcast: https://www.jameswjesso.com/the-role-of-psychedelic-in-healthy-relationships-psychedelic-cafe-3/

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