27 minutes | Aug 1st 2016

Ep. 51: Hanging Out with Farmer Paul of Pasturebird

We’re back after a restful and needed summer break—we missed you all and are excited to jump right back into being with you all each Monday morning! Today, we are excited to welcome Paul of Pasturebird, a family run farm out of Southern California bringing you all delicious pasture raised farm chickens!  We love Pasturebird because not only of their quality chicken meat, but we also love their dedication to regenerative farming and how important that is to the beautiful world in which we live! This podcast will open your eyes to how chickens are raised and why quality meat sources are so important! As a podcast listener enjoy 10% off Pasturebird chicken through Monday August, 8th.  They are also generously offering 10% off their subscription, so you can lock in a lower rate (about 20%) until canceled—such a great savings! Enter the code “nourishingbuzz” at checkout to save!  Check out all their great products HERE!
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