42 minutes | May 30th 2016

Ep. 47: Why Eating Good Carbohydrates is Important for Your Health

Oh, carbs. We love 'em, we restrict them, some are "good", some are "bad" -- there are so many opinions wrapped around this one macronutrient.  Today we are exploring why you might need to be eating more healthy carbohydrates, and why carbohydrates are so important for your health—hormones, adrenals, fertility, energy and sleep!   Flavors of the Week: [4:55] Main topic: “Why Eating Enough Good Carbohydrates is Important for Your Overall Health” [7:25] Goal of the Week: [38:00]   Good Articles to Read Further: Real Deal Adrenal Fatigue by Robb Wolf Females, Carbohydrates, Hormones by Robb Wolf Leptin 101 Carbohydrates for Fertility and Health   Our Favorite Foods of the Week: Simple Mills Rosemary Crackers Simple Mills Waffle and Pancake Mix   Be sure to subscribe to The Nourishing Buzz on iTunes. If you enjoy the show, we'd love it if you left a review on iTunes, too!  
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