32 minutes | Mar 28th 2016

Ep. 38: Health and Happiness

There's an old saying -- laughter is the best form of medicine -- and we couldn’t agree more!  Happy people are healthy people, and healthy people are happy people.   We cannot ignore the power that happiness plays in our health. This week we chat about how happiness impacts our health, what happiness is not, and the 10-minute plan to increase your happiness each day! Happify -- Happiness formula and other happy facts! Flavors of the Week [3:40] Main topic: “Health and Happiness” [6:00] Goal of the week [28:15] We’re thrilled to have Fatworks as a sponsor of the Nourishing Buzz podcast! Fatworks provides premium, quality, traditional fats, including Lard, Chicken Shmaltz and Tallow. Enjoy these healthy, nourishing fats and save an extra 15% off all fats through May by using the special code special code nourishingfat at checkout! Be sure to subscribe to The Nourishing Buzz on iTunes. If you enjoy the show, we'd love it if you left a review on iTunes, too! Stay Connected: Caroline: Website, Instagram, Newsletter, Facebook Holly: Website
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