39 minutes | Feb 29th 2016

Ep. 34: The Loving Diet with Jessica Flanigan

Today, we’re very excited to introduce you to a special guest and friend Jessica, a clinical nutritionist and leader in the autoimmune paleo movement.  She has a popular website, AIP Lifestyle where she imparts her wisdom on autoimmune-mind-body topics, and she even has some recipes for those following the AIP diet! Jessica desires to go beyond just the here and now of diets, illness, diagnosis and symptoms to really encourage people to transform their thinking and in return love themselves for who they are!  Jessica encourages transforming the views of our disease or condition to bring love and acceptance into our personal journey of healing. Guest Podcast: “The Loving Diet with Jessica Flanigan” [1:00] Article : When I Tell People To Not Start AIP   Special discount from our sponsor Fatworks: We're thrilled to have Fatworks as a sponsor of the Nourishing Buzz podcast! Fatworks provides premium, quality, traditional fats, including Lard, Chicken Shmaltz and Tallow. Enjoy these healthy, nourishing fats and save an extra 15% off all fats through May by using the special code special code nourishingfat at checkout!   Be sure to subscribe to The Nourishing Buzz on iTunes. If you enjoy the show, we'd love it if you left a review on iTunes, too!   Stay Connected: Caroline: Website,
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