35 minutes | Feb 15th 2016

Ep. 32: 5 Common Food Additives to Avoid

This week we're talking about 5 food additives to avoid. Food additives sneak their way into foods that are labeled healthy—so, today we’re talking about 5 of the most common food additives, and why we should avoid them! Food additives are man-made, fake substances and can confuse our body. Like always, we always encourage you to eat real food and adopt a balanced approach to nutrition and eating!   Great article on Umami and MSG Great article on Trans-fats   Flavors of the Week [2:15] Main topic: “ 5 Common Food Additives to Avoid” [5:20] Goal of the week [30:55]   Special discount from our sponsor Primally Pure Skincare: Listen towards the end for a 10% discount code for our listeners!   Be sure to subscribe to The Nourishing Buzz on iTunes. If you enjoy the show, we'd love it if you left a review on iTunes, too!   Stay Connected: Caroline: Website, Instagram, Newsletter,
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