62 minutes | Jan 28th 2019

Ted Tafaro and Chris Lack on Insuring Exceptional People

My guests for this episode are Ted Tafaro, Founder and CEO of Exceptional Risk Advisors and his partner Chris Lack. Exceptional Risk Advisors writes insurance policies covering complex human capital risks for highly successful individuals such as Entertainers, Athletes, Corporate Executives and other Professionals. 

My opening question is about what Trevor Lawrence should do. Do they suggest any changes to his lifestyle? Which sports are the most dangerous and is that the same as the most expensive insurance policies? We touch on what an athlete's life is like from an insurance perspective, what is with those weird celebrity insurance coverages (legs, hands and butt!). Who buys the insurance for musicians and entertainers? What kind of celebrities make the best insureds? 

Tune in for all this and more!

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