82 minutes | Jan 11th 2019

Agnes Callard on Aspiration, Socrates and What does Philosophy Feel Like?

Agnes Callard is associate professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago and her specialties are in ethics and ancient philosophy. Agnes recently wrote a book called Aspiration which tackles an intuitively clear concept, that we aspire to learn new things and to value them. 

The thing with philosophy is that it seeks to apply order to our thoughts and this isn't always easy.

Philosophers spend their time sorting through intuitions to find the logical reality behind them. It's abstract stuff and in preparing for this interview I was reminded exactly how my mind recoiled at this in my undergraduate philosophy studies. We discuss this as well!

Agnes is breaking all kinds of new philosophical ground by reconciling this very deep urge in us all with the rest of mainstream philosophy. Agnes is also one of the more charismatic interviewees I've had the pleasure of sitting down with... you just get this feeling that she's struggling with the immensity of the material as much as we are, though of course she is brilliant and finds the answers! 

So buckle up, folks, and come get philosophical with me!