41 minutes | Aug 28th 2019

Writing for children: How author David Ashby does it


Writing for children can be a tricky business, but David Ashby has a refreshingly organic approach to the way he writes his stories. David’s debut novel is published by Pushkin Press and he is currently working on his second novel.

Believe in yourself and never give up!

David talks about
  • How he juggles writing children’s books with his other jobs, including translating, proofreading and teaching English to adults in Sweden.

  • How he came to write a children’s book when the majority of his work is with adults

  • His writing process and how his first book came about in a really organic way

  • How he came to be published by Pushkin as a first time author

  • How his writing process is different with the second book

  • Longhand versus computer writing

  • How he manages the mind shift between his work and his children’s books writing

  • Why he uses Word to write in instead of writing specific software

  • Deviating from the original plot and making changes when necessary

  • Character names and where he gets them

  • How he deals with writerly self-doubt and moments of panic

  • Platform building and social media

  • Words of wisdom for budding writers

You can find David at

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