51 minutes | Oct 15th 2019

How to Write Mystery and Adventure with Helen Moss


Helen Moss is a prolific mystery and adventure writer. Her books are aimed at young and middle grade kids. She’s best known for the Adventure Island Series, but she's also written The Secrets of the Tombs Trilogy and the Time Dogs series. Writing a good mystery is what Helen does best, and she gives us plenty of insight into her writing process during her interview.

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 Helen chats to us about
  • her background in psycho-linguistics

  • how she wrote her first manuscript

  • her ghost writing experience

  • her publishing breakthrough

  • what’s special about the children fiction genre

  • Helen’s character smoothie idea

  • her writing process for the Adventure Island series

  • the process for her other books

  • how she found her agent

  • Helen recommends joining Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI)

  • her world building rationale and process

  • on-site research

  • the guidelines and boundaries of her children’ stories

  • her approach to platform building

  • Helen’s top tips to writers

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