34 minutes | Apr 21st 2021

42 - Leading with a big heart - Elli Holappa

In this episode we explore with Elli Holappa, CEO of Jungle Juice Bar, values-based leadership during a crisis. Elli had spent just 12 days with her new management team in spring 2020 when the global pandemic struck.  Listen in to our fascinating conversation with Elli on how values-based leadership has helped her: recruit and lay-off staff in difficult times with the same kindness and thoughtfulness;manage a ‘High – Low role’, going from leadership meetings to peeling carrots in a bar; understand the importance of culture fit andhaving a bit of craziness in order to get in ‘the game’;find  the ‘silver lining’ to crisis moments;lead sustainably, achieve carbon neutrality and aim for carbon negative.All this plus some good news about bananas and will  David land an interview at Jungle Juice Bar? "This is who I am as a leader, and now I know that If the business is heading into the crisis, I know I can act on it. And I know that I can make quick decisions. I can make tough decisions. I can make difficult decisions. I don't paralyze. I don't freeze. I'm completely capable of acting in a crisis."
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