37 minutes | Mar 24th 2021

41 - Making a Business Model out of Confusion - Alf Rehn

Alf Rehn, thinker, contrarian and provocateur leaves his day job as Professor of Innovation, Design and Management at the University of Southern Denmark, for half an hour to share with us his secrets including  🎧 What does it really mean to think?🎧 Where to find a treasure trove of wackiness in design school🎧 Teaching gender theory to engineering students or getting butchers to  consider veganism🎧 Danish leadership and Danish humour🎧 Making a business model out of confusion🎧 How his memory works🎧 Thoughts on books and writing and of course gin gets a mention too Challenge your own thinking and see if you can keep up with Alf and his mental landscape of tricksters, scrapes and adventures .  
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