30 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

38 - How to increase your online brand & presence - Joel Willans #VeryFinnishProblems

Season 3 kicks off with #VeryFinnishProblems creator Joel Willans. Join David, Nick and Stefano for our season opener with Joel; bestselling author, creative director, leader, and a man for our times - a master of the digital and social media world!If you're an individual or an organization hoping to increase your digital reach and impact, or just a lover of the social media phenomenon, #VeryFinnishProblems, then  this is a must-listen! Joel describes how he became Finland's top online presence, which all started with a simple bet with a friend.Building a much loved brand online and competing against some of the top agencies from London to NY along the way, we explore Joel's 'manic focus' and hard work in learning how to create the right kind of content with as much reach and impact as possible.On Facebook alone he's heading towards 1m followers, growing at a rate of 10 - 20,000  every month.As a creative, Joel touches on the topic of artistic quality versus impact, and how to lead his talented team, and much more on this energizing kick-off to Season 3.
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