45 minutes | Jul 21st 2019

How to Improve Your Inbound Marketing with Antti Pietilä- Founder of Loyalistic and Finnish SaaS Club

This episode, we are honored to have a talk with Antti Pietilä, founder of Loyalistic, which is a highly efficient marketing automation software for SMEs. He also holds important roles at Finnish Software Entrepreneurs, as a long-time board member, founder and the chairman of SaaS club.

With his wide knowledge and experience in the field, Antti discusses the importance of inbound content marketing and hands-on strategies to grow your business from local to global by using content marketing and different types of content that works. We also chat about the growing trend of B2B marketing on YouTube, LinkedIn and of course, podcasting. Tune in to listen to our conversation!

Key takeaways:

  •  If you’re providing specialized products/services then you should write the marketing content strategy for yourself since the marketing agency does not have the knowledge in that field to generate the content. In this case the agency can help you with the production of the content rather than creating it. On the other hand, in the more mainstream industry, marketing can be more outsourced from writing and producing to an agency.
  •  If you want to go on a global scale, you should not start your content/inbound/sales based operation from a small country/small language group, because it will be so much different when you’re approaching the global audience.
  •  Start doing content marketing immediately not after you have the product ready. You will need a certain time to build your audience, so it would be best to work on the content even before the product is ready so that when the product is ready, you will have a number of potential customers. 

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