54 minutes | Dec 12, 2020

Making Courageous Career Decisions with Shari Van Cleave

Discover, listen to, and own your own voice. Shari Van Cleave joined us to discuss the power of your inner voice, how to turn up its volume, and making courageous career decisions against all odds. This podcast was recorded live for our community. If you would like to attend live recordings, please reach out to info@kahilla.com ******* Shari Van Cleave is Vice President and Manager for Wells Fargo’s Digital Labs. She is responsible for a team charged with managing an innovation practice that focuses on listening to customers and experimenting with disruptive solutions for banking experiences of the future. Prior to Wells Fargo, Van Cleave was a founding member of Prudential Financial’s strategic venture capital and innovation lab. Previously, Van Cleave held senior-level marketing and product positions at World Vision, a global humanitarian organization. Van Cleave earned her bachelor’s degree in international political economy from the University of Washington, and her MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. She is based in San Francisco, and in her spare time, advises tech startups and various nonprofits on their growth strategies.
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