183 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

# 163 — John Barklow

Mark, and Trevor Thompson talk with John Barklow about hunting, cold weather clothing, idealism, integrity, and even some random fitness topics. John served in the Navy for 26 years, with many of those in direct support of the SEAL Teams, where, at first he simply shared his expertise moving around mountains, and climbing technical terrain. He was recruited as an instructor at the Naval Special Warfare Kodiak Detachment, teaching all aspects of winter warfare, survival, and mobility in that environment. He was instrumental in the development of both the Personal Environmental Protective Survival Equipment (PEPSE) system, and Protective Combat Uniform (PCU). I met John during the latter project, having been hired as the Subject Matter Expert for that clothing system. After separating from the Navy John applied his vast knowledge of the environment, man moving within it and the clothing systems needed to do so, as the manager of the Big Game product category at Sitka. A lot of big game hunting in the northern hemisphere happens in remote mountains which, to quote a recent interview with Soldier Systems Daily, "leverages my decades of experience." It's a good, wide-ranging conversation. Check it out.     Links mentioned in the episode:   InstaGram @jbarklow   Soldier Systems Daily https://soldiersystems.net/2021/01/06/sitkas-john-barklow-qa/  
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