59 minutes | May 20, 2021

The Danger of Echo Systems Interview with Joel Bryant

The Danger of Echo SystemsInterview with Joel Bryant

If you are seeking directions to your destiny, you are in the right place! With over 25 years of leadership, sales, and performance development training, Dr. Joel Bryant’s expertise and experience bring a refreshing, enlightening, and inspiring approach to developing a holistic understanding of self and groups within their personal and professional settings. He provides valuable tools and techniques to help you achievehttps://drjoelbryant.webs.com your greatness. Thanks for being here, and know that YOU matter!


Several years ago I was as frustrated then as you may be now. I didn’t know where I fit, let alone how to find my place in life. But rather than make excuses, I decided to make changes instead, which is what successful people do. Thanks to God’s grace and my grit I now sit in a place I once dreamed about and drooled over. No, I’m not rich or famous, but I am fulfilled! That’s what matters.

In fact, in the last 20 years I’ve written 55 books, published 35, ghost-written two while publishing four books for other writers, In between, I obtained three degrees including a doctorate in Educational Leadership. I’ve also appeared on regional radio and television, served as a university lecturer, newspaper editor, and board member on two area nonprofits, along with other successes I seldom consider because of my quest for greatness. These successes include being a trainer with the Dun and Bradstreet Corporation. In fact, prior to quitting in October of 2000, I was named one of only 61 employees worldwide to receive the company’s highest honor, Best of the Best

Leadership Award, for my role in impacting employee performance and morale.

One year later, however, I was homeless, broke, and bewildered. I also had my car repossessed. Though painful, these experiences prospered because they improved my leadership abilities and self-reliance. They also gave me insight I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere or otherwise. My goal is to share these insights with you and to help you develop your leadership abilities. More importantly, I want to help you achieve YOUR dreams rather than eyeing others.

More about Dr. Bryant at https://drjoelbryant.webs.com

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