43 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Engaging Members and Supporters Through Live or Virtual Entertainment Events

Engaging Members and Supporters Through Live or Virtual Entertainment EventsInterview with Joe M. TurnerBefore the pandemic, it was already the case that organizations needed creative new ways to engage with their audiences of supporters and donors. While the pandemic required us to add new tools and approaches to the mix, the need to engage and communicate changed in that it became more important, but in some ways more difficult.During his career in the management consulting industry, Joe M. Turner worked with clients in multiple industries to help them engage and equip their various stakeholders in the changes that were being implemented to help them achieve greater success. Much of this comes down to effective storytelling and the ability to keep change advocates and agents informed, excited, and vocal.Joe applies the art of theatrical illusion to the communication of important messages, helping leaders create events that emphasize and underline their important messages in fun and memorable ways. The use of pattern-interrupting, message-driven entertainment can be an effective way to get a message seen, remembered, and acted uponJoe M. Turner is a 20-year veteran corporate entertainer, keynote speaker, and emcee/meeting host. Following a management consulting career, Joe jumped headlong into professional magic, which he has performed on six continents and at thousands of venues on land and at sea — including the Magic Castle, the London Palladium, and television programs across the US, South America, and Europe. Joe’s talent, charm, and unexpected insights have put him in high demand as a keynote speaker for organizations that want to understand and create amazing experiences for customers, employees, donors, and other audiences. His solo virtual show, “Remotely Entertaining,” was recommended in The New York Times. You can find out more about him on Wikipedia, his website, or his social media: visit turnermagic.com or bio.fm/turnermagic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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