37 minutes | Aug 24, 2021

Corporate Lessons applied to Entrepreneurship

A Cautionary Tale –Corporate Lessons applied to Entrepreneurship:How to Identify and Avoid Future DisastersInterview with Dan GoodwinHave you ever had a time when there was a nagging doubt about a certain person or situation? Ever wonder how confidential information is being handled and protected within your organization? Do you know if your employees/volunteers understand the parameters of your mission, passion, and vision? These three items: people, processes, and communication all directly impact your ability to lead and encompass what is needed to be protected at all costs. Primarily, your reputation. When bad things happen, it impacts the organization, not just the person who committed the wrongdoing. While having a great reactive response plan, it has better results with you invest proactively to eliminate those future nasty surprises. Let me share some of my experiences and observations spanning both corporate and entrepreneurial experiences.Dan GoodwinDan Goodwin completed his lengthy corporate career in 2007 as an internal investigator and transitioned into a business owner, coach, mentor, consultant, and teacher. Dan uses his unique talents and training of interview and interrogation techniques to assist entrepreneurs as they prepare and/or revise their business plans. Dan’s interactive style makes him unique in his ability to communicate to the complete range of business contacts, whether that be solo entrepreneurs or C-level executives. In addition to in-person appearances, Dan leverages technology and uses video and webinar training as a part of his follow-up sessions. Dan brings a large network of contacts and is fiercely loyal to those whom he endorses.When considering a business coach, conference keynote speaker, or simply want to explore a new business idea, you can reach Dan at Dan@CYAConsulting.Services Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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