42 minutes | Aug 17, 2021

7 Questions That Unlock How Your Organization Can Attract New Donors

7 Questions That Unlock How Your Organization Can Attract New DonorsInterview with Marketing Specialist, Chris BarlowChris Barlow grew up imagining he'd work in a cause-focused career, ministry, or mission. To his surprise, after just "getting a job" after college, he discovered he loved business. After many years in corporate sales, he realized that while he loved it, it wasn't going to be what he could or wanted to do until retirement.So he founded Beeline in 2015 and volunteered with a local nonprofit to help them with their marketing, just to get some experience under his belt.Little did he realize that this would eventually lead him full circle, as his company now focuses exclusively on helping nonprofits.Chris is the Customer Happiness Director, and they exist to help nonprofits reach more people through marketing that serves.His big skill is putting his two youngest boys down for a nap every day7 Questions that Unlock How Your Organization Can Attract New Donors What is our guiding principle? What is our expertise? Who are our donors, and what issues do they have that we could address? What digital resources could we create to address these issues? What does our team hear or see on the front lines of our mission? What are people searching for online related to these issues and resources? What perceived value do our donors have about the resources we could create? More about Chris at https://yourbeeline.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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