65 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

#33 Sillytuna, progress for NFTs

Sillytuna has had recent notoriety after selling his Covid Alien Cryptopunk for $11.7m at Sothebys, he is a developer, founder and a serious OG in the crypto space. We have an insightful chat about NFTs discussing: The road to mainstream for NFTs The problems to be resolved before the next hype wave The Future problem of Malicious SPAM NFTs The need for Native Ethereum contract wallets Iteration and improvement on the ERC721 standard and much more! At the end we announce the winner of ThatsHot Gerbil and announce our next gerbil collaboration with Stina Jones, one of our favourite artists in the space. To submit a competition entry tag us @NonFunGerbils @stina_jones and include #BearGerbil along with your backstory about Bear Gerbil on Twitter Huge thank you to Paris Hilton for her help with this episode! https://twitter.com/sillytuna https://sillytuna.medium.com/ https://discord.com/invite/claymatic https://nonfungerbils.com https://twitter.com/NonFunGerbils https://discord.com/invite/4F4Wenj9s3
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