70 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

#31 Piñata & IPFS with Matt Ober & Kyle Tut

We are joined by Matt and Kyle from Piñata which is essentially the core IPFS pinning service in the space. We take an awesome dive into what IPFS actually is, how it works and why it’s an important tool for storage and distribution of data on the web. We then cover NFT metadata, where are the images and descriptions and all the data associated with your tokens stored. Why it is important and potentially who is responsible for it. At the end we are joined by Lapin Mignon to read out some fantastic gerbil stories that came in for our collaboration and announce the winner Super interesting and fun discussions. We hope you enjoy them https://pinata.cloud https://twitter.com/IPFSPinata  https://www.lapinmignon.co.uk/  https://twitter.com/Lelapinmignon  https://nonfungerbils.com  https://twitter.com/NonFunGerbils  https://discord.gg/yQbuZ9j  
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