70 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

#30 Jeremy Levine, NFT Investment Thesis

We are joined by Jonathan Levine, an entrepreneur in the daily fantasy sports industry and representative of a small group of investors including Jonathan Bales and Peter Jennings and Adam Lefkoe who have entered the NFT space with a bang buying a number of high value NBA Topshots amongst other collectibles and art. We get an insight in to their investment thesis coming into the space, speculate over a number of things and generally have a really interesting chat. Nothing in this conversation should be taken as financial advice Jonathan Bales blog post: https://luckymaverick.substack.com/p/nft  Podcast network mentioned: https://podcastindex.org/  https://twitter.com/JerLevine  https://underdogfantasy.com/  https://nonfungerbils.com  https://twitter.com/NonFunGerbils  https://discord.gg/yQbuZ9j
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