6 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

EP 74 | The #1 Question if you want CLARITY

Episode 74 – The #1 Question if you want CLARITY

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Greg is a business owner, speaker, podcaster, best-selling author and high-performance health coach who helps people move past circumstance to calling, beyond brokenness to breakthrough. Greg Believes that "Circumstances Lie" about what's possible and that brokenness is the opportunity for Breakthrough in your life, your business and your people. 

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… and the exciting release of his 5th book, titled “Circumstances Lie”, ‘There’s more going on than you think.’


The #1 Question if you want Clarity

Hi, I’m Greg from the No Head Trash Nation – and I’ve got a little tip for you today about the Number One Question you must ask if you want clarity because it takes clarity to unlock your purpose, live with passion and become who YOU were created to be……

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times… someone I know says to me, “Like you’re always saying, Greg, … I need clarity. I want to get this certain result… to be in great shape, to have wonderful fulfilling relationships, to read a new book every month, to have powerful faith in myself and in my creator, and of course… to be financially feeling abundance instead of feeling like I’m running from a poverty mindset all the time…  I NEED CLARITY…

… like if we had clarity for one moment, we’d never need to look for it again… right?  

Ever had an aha moment? Ever walk out of a wedding, a funeral, even a good movie or church service and say… wow… that really opened my eyes… I’m never going back. I see it now and I’m going forward… and then it takes about 2 hours before we can’t remember what we look like in the mirror… like the scripture says…  Remember the one about talking about something but never taking action? Oh..sorry didn’t mean to step on your toes… you KNOW I would never do that… unless you actually KNOW ME…

Clarity happens because we develop habits of clarity and that’s one little trick I’m going to share with you today. I’m going to let you in on a perfect little question you can practice asking that will trigger clarity for you, IF… you’ll actually use it and do it… which of course forces me to remind us both… It’s NOT the big things that matter. It’s ALWAYS THE LITTLE THINGS. The incremental steps we take. They add up. They are the tiny particles that become concrete that supports us.. hey that’s pretty good… I need to remember that one…  

So whqat is this little question, you ask? You’re going to love it… and you’re going to hate it… but if you could make a habit right here, you’ll change some things every single day and it will change YOU for a lifetime.  

Are you ready?  Here’s the question. 

Is This – the decision you’re making – more important than that future goal you’ve been dreaming of? 

Is this donut more important than feeling great in my clothes? 

Is this extra 30 minutes of sleep more important than living out my Definition of Success? 

Is this TV show more important than my family?

…  and then you’ve got to frame it in a statement and speak it with EMOTION… with Passion even if you’re having to work some up for this special occasion… oh believe me you can do it.  

And if you say it with passion and you AGREE wholeheartedly… then YOU HAVE CLARITY… and if you LAUGH or REJECT IT, then you also have clarity….. So… you want clarity… heres how you get it..  this is so awesome….   Will you do it? 

So, here we go … you asked the question and now you’re going to AFFIRM IT OUT LOUD.  

YES… This bag of chips is more important than being at my ideal weight and having great energy all the time.  

YES… This TV Show is more important than taking 30 minutes to improve myself with a podcast, a training or a simple conversation with someone I care about.  

Isn’t it crazy how we never ask those questions or force ourselves to state our decision out loud? We beg our clients to read for 10 minutes a day, but it’s too much for some… while they watch four hours of TV.  And that, my friends is the difference between the winners and the losers, the poverty mindset and the abundance mindset, the life with your best body, mind, relationships faith and finances. 

Is what you’re getting ready to do moving you closer to your ideal future self, or farther away. This tiny investment in my future is more important than any TV show or taste bud sensation I could ever have, and I’m saying THIS WITH PASSION.  

Ask this question and make this statement all day long and you WILL KNOW your purpose, live with passion and become who you were created to be.