11 minutes | Mar 19, 2020

EP 63 | Is the Coronavirus Head Trash?

For a free advance copy of my latest book, “Circumstances Lie”, CLICK HERE To learn about the Effortless Author Initiative, text EZBOOK to 474747Text 'YATES' to 474747 for more information about My Practice Zone mastermind or to connect with Greg. www.noheadtrash.comJoin “The No Head Trash Nation” on Facebook #NoHeadTrash #CircumstancesLie #MyPracticeZoneThere have only been a few brief times in my life when fear and uncertainty and Head trash was simultaneously shared with so many people worldwide. We all face Head trash and we all deal with our own personal assessments of what’s happening in our lives, and our world. We struggle over the should’ve and could’ve issues of our lives. We struggle over self-worth and self-preservation but today we’re struggling with a system wide impact that most have never experienced before. Many of you have only heard about these tings historically in the past. The real Estate crash, world wars when people had to band together to get through. The great depression and more recently 9/11 when it seemed that everything was flipped upside down while we watched it in real time. Hey, watching the markets fall and hearing the rampant FEAR in our country isn’t fun. Not knowing how we’ll be paid or if we can weather such a storm in our businesses, isn’t where we expected to be just a short month ago when everything seemed to be funning on all cylinders.  You’ve had this happen in your own life, with the death of a family member or loss of a job. But to see it happen across all areas of society is like being invaded by an outside force and not knowing the outcome. Now, let’s be honest. Every indication suggests this is a short term issue that will be dealt with through the measure being taken, but short term or not, it’s going to have long term impact on our lives, our economy, our habits, and our view of the world. Is the Coronavirus head trash?  … there are many who would say its entirely head trash compared to what we face daily and the number of people who die every year from many various communicable diseases. I don’t subscribe to that camp, but I do understand the argument. By and large, there will be people who benefit from fear being released in our world. There are countries and companies who will seem to manipulate what we’re facing for their own good. There are people who will lose a fortune and others who will make one and most of us have no idea how to participate in getting benefit out of such a tragic situation. So where is the head trash? Cause, I promise you, it does exist. There is a lot of head trash, starting right here with me and I’m guessing with you as well. There are unfounded fears, the endless scenarios being played out in our heads and extrapolations being made that lead us to irrational responses like hoarding toilet paper and withdrawing into depression instead of sharing hope and faith. Head trash is an epidemic of its own. Just because we often don’t get in sync with the same head trash, doesn’t mean it’s not an epidemic. Why talk about it? Because time is still passing. Opportunity is still all around us. We’ve got something precious we’ve wished for but never thought we’d have like we do right now. We’ve got time. We’ve got free time to spend on the typically ignored but important issues of life.    I know, I know… we’re out of practice having time for real conversations. We’re out of practice reading and taking time to ask the hard questions like what’s our definition of success and are we doing the things that will matter ten years from now? We’re out of practice journaling and mapping and planning and dreaming… and these are the rare opportunities to reclaim these skills. Is the coronavirus head trash? The only thing we know for sure is that it can create head trash and it’s our personal opportunity to look past circumstances and see possibilities. Remember: Circumstances Lie and there are ways they are lying to you right now.  
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